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Case study: CATV FTTH Triple Play solution

Case study: CATV FTTH Triple Play solution

  If you want to build a brand new FTTH access network, then I think your project will choose a suitable scenario, right?

<font><font>Voice Data IPTV</font></font>

  This is "CATV FTTH Triple Play solution" case study, from FOT (Fiber Optic Telecom CO., Ltd), hope you would like:

Triple play service 

  Does your new telecom network project offer triple play service( internet, voice, CATV) to users and fiber network will reach home(FTTH)? If yes, the main four solution scenarios suitable to you is following:

<font><font>Cable operators CATV FTTH Triple-Play solution</font></font>

 4 Scenarios

Scenario 1: Pure CATV service application
  For some subscribers, such as old people, pure CATV service is enough, then it’s better to use FTTH CATV optical receiver terminal. 
Scenario 2: CATV and Ethernet service application 
  For some subscribers, there is only CATV service at first, but they will add internet service. Then we can update the FTTH CATV optical receiver to WDM FTTH CATV optical receiver, which have fiber optical output for connecting to ONU. 
Scenario 3: HFC CATV and Ethernet service application 
  In upgrade projects, in order to avoid destroying the building structure, EPON/GPON + EoC solution is preferrable solution. 
Scenario 4: Ethernet+VoIP+CATV triple play FTTH application 
  In new projects, in order to attract more subscribers and satisfy their Ethernet+VoIP+CATV triple play service demand, fiber to the home network is the most suitable solution for cable operators.

Main equipment packet list 

  If you are choosing one of the application scenarios above, then the main equipment is following:<font><font>Case Study CATV FTTH Triple Play solution</font></font>

  1. OLT, optical transmitter, EDFA, PLC splitter, ONU.
  2. It surely also need other component like ODF, splice tray, connector, patch cord, fiber and etc.

Case study

Choosing the solution based on Scenario No

As seeing from the application chart, the equipment in Scenario 1 and 4 is following:

  1. Optical transmitter
  3. PON OLT
  4. PLC splitter
  5. CATV optical receiver (for scenario 1)
  6. 4FE+2FXS+CATV triple play ONU(for scenario 4) 

  Please check their table (reference).

<font><font>Equipment list table</font></font>

 Choosing the solution based on users number

  If you have 10 to 1000 users, you can choose OLT-1002 or OLT-2516.
  OLT-1002 have 2PON port can manage 64users, and OLT-2516 can be 4-16PON port, manage max 512users. Please refer the basic description of ONU, optical transmitter, EDFA and PLC splitter packet list(table above)

Small and typical "Default project" case

  If there are 24 users, then you can use: 

  • 1pc 2PON port OLT,
  • 1pc optical transmitter
  • 1pc 2port EDFA
  • 1pc 1:16, 1:8 PLC splitter

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